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The AI that finds, evaluates, and hires
talent for you

Automate your talent search

Are you manually spending time writing lengthy job descriptions and screening questions? Are you struggling to attract candidates? Tell the Co-Pilot for what position you want to hire and it will do all the hardwork for you!

  • Generate job descriptions and custom screening questions for any role.
  • Publish the job and watch relevant candidates instantly apply for your job.

Intelligent Candidate Application

Candidates spend 30 mins on average filling an application form. With Flipped, candidates can apply with a single click removing the need for manually filling in lengthy application forms.

  • The Co-Pilot extracts, analyzes and provides a very detailed view of the candidate.
  • Assess the quality of the resume and get a detailed breakdown on where the resume could be improved. Pass valuable feedback to your candidates.

Intelligent Candidate Analysis

Do you spend your valuable time screening resumes? The Co-Pilot can instantly evaluate and match the candidates for your job, removing the need for you to screen through all the applications.

  • Most advanced AI solution in the market to filter candidates instantly and with greater accuracy.
  • Interact with the Co-Pilot using natural language. Ask questions about the resumes, compare them, schedule tasks and many more without privacy concerns.

Accelerated Talent Search

Do you have a large database of candidates and struggling to identify who might be a good fit for a job? The Co-Pilot can instantly identify and recommend the right candidates from your database for a job.

  • Upload any number of resumes with just a single click and get instant candidate recommendations.
  • Upload your own employee resumes, benchmark the candidates with them and see who would be a good fit.

The Co-Pilot will source candidates from multiple job boards for free is a game-changer, enabling you to effortlessly post your job on multiple job boards, streamlining your hiring process and maximizing your reach to top talent.


State of the art intelligence and talent analysis

We have built the most advanced AI that can automate your entire hiring process and help you make data driven hiring decisions.

Interact with the AI in a privacy preserving manner

We have built large language models that help you interact with our Co-Pilot without worrying about any privacy concerns.

Tap into the one of the fast growing candidate
community in the world

We are growing fast and have one of the largest active candidate database in the world for you to tap into.

World class support

We have a world class support team that can provide you with support anytime.


Enhanced Efficiency

Automate your hiring process and maximise your productivity

Save Time

Find the right talent and hire them 100X faster

Reduce Costs

No more need to pay costly fees to build your dream team!

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