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Teach your learners to grow in their career, enhance their skills and achieve goals.

How to start

Plan your course and start making it

Start thinking about who your audience is, define what your problems are, and discuss how you can solve them. Master the topic you want to teach and be at least one step ahead of your audience and start making it.

Record your video to upload

Nowadays most smartphones have built-in cameras capable of recording in HQ and resolution if you don't have a DSLR. There are several free software on the internet that assist in editing the material. All of this helps to make your online course interesting and effective with minimal investment.

Submit and upload your course

Once you complete making the course, ask someone you trust to analyze and evaluate your outline. This is important because as you are very familiar with the subject, it is easy to pass things that are obvious to you, but not to those who are still starting their learning. Then you're good to go.

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